Pursuant to the terms of those certain Decrees of Sale entered in the Circuit Court of City of
Danville, the undersigned Special Commissioner will offer for sale at a live public auction the
following described real estate at Danville City Council Chambers on the fourth floor of the
Municipal Building, 247 Patton Street, Danville, Virginia 24541, on December 6, 2021, at
12:00 PM or as soon thereafter as may be effected.

The sale of such property is subject to the terms and conditions below, any conditions which may
be subsequently posted by Williams Auction Company (“Auctioneer”) and Taxing Authority
Consulting Services, PC (“TACS”), and any such terms and conditions which may be announced
on the day of the auction. Announcements made on the day of the auction take precedence over
any prior written or verbal terms of sale.

For complete information (including terms, conditions and property listings), please see the Information Packet.


Owner Name Parcel ID TACS


Property Desc.
1. Tamika Payne & Joey Adams & Tarnisha L. Averette 01637 216025 Vacant; formerly 322 E. Thomas Street, ±0.6 acre.
2. Moses D. Adkins 02276 121108 Vacant,       formerly       511 Middle Street; ±0.21 acre.
3. Greater United Church of God Trustees 24581 121024 Vacant, formerly 712 Lee Street; ±0.31 acre.
4. Carolyn Dixon 73309 491690 Vacant; formerly 712 Tate Street; ±0.18 acre.
5. L N M, LLC 24310 120734 643 Jefferson Street, ±0.23 acre.
6. L N M, LLC 25534 120734 731 Paxton Street, ±0.17 acre.
7. L N M, LLC 22681 120734 789 Paxton Street, ±0.17 acre.
8. Leonard Lawson & Michael Johnson 53982,


120393 125 Hamilton Street; ±0.5 acre.
9. Ophelia Brandon Heirs 50635 491569 255 Barrett Street; ±0.2 acre.
10. David J. & Eva Clark 20981 119459 512 Doe Street; ±0.17 acre.
11. Ashley Carter 04834 120433 842 Corcoran Street; ±0.16 acre.
12. Belle Seshazo & Sarah Deshazo Watkins & Jeremiah Deshazo 73553,


119772 144 Nannie G. Edwards Drive; ±0.42 acre.
13. One Pine VIII, LLC 01234 439148 814 N. Main Street; ±0.13 acre.
14. Shauq Al Qamar 58700 120055 214 Seminole Trail (Bldg.

2, Unit 214)

15. Lisa White Burroughs Heirs 58883 119919 225     Seminole     Trail,     C (Bldg. 11, Unit 225C)
16. Bernice Dillard Lakey & Frances Howell 52841 119563 628 Edgewood Drive; ±0.21 acre.
17. Doug McKnight 55257 119496 78 Glen Oak Drive; ±0.2 acre.


18. Charles Michael Shelton & Donald Ray Shelton & Barbara Elaine Shelton Toler, et als 53147 120411 338    Ferry     Road;    ±2.59 acres.


Charles Michael Shelton & Donald Ray Shelton &

Barbara Elaine Shelton Toler & Donna Lynn Toler Bennett





Vacant, Ferry Road; ±0.22 acre.
20. Dora T. Walton 50337 166314 87 Bishop Avenue; ±0.16 acre.
21. Gail Gill Barnes & Stephanie B. Zaher & Amanda B. Tickle 72149 439086 320 Wilson Road; ±0.82 acre.

GENERAL TERMS OF SALE: All sales are subject to confirmation by the City of Danville
Circuit Court. The Special Commissioner of Sale has the right to reject any bids determined to be
unreasonable in relation to the estimated value of the Property. All properties are sold in gross
and not by the acre. Properties are offered for sale as-is, with all faults and without any warranty,
either expressed or implied. Properties are conveyed by Special Warranty Deed, subject to any
easements, covenants, agreements, restrictions, reservations, and any and all rights of record
which may affect the property. Subsequent taxes will be prorated from the auction date, and the
highest bidder will be responsible for taxes from that date forward. Any unsold property will be
offered for sale again at the next auction, whenever that may be.

Persons are encouraged to make a visual inspection of the property within the limits of the law
and to obtain an independent title search, at their own costs, prior to bidding on any of the
properties to determine the suitableness of the properties for their purposes. It is not guaranteed
that the property has a right-of-way or that it is not landlocked. There is no warranty as to the
accuracy of the visual maps, nor is the information contained therein a legal representation of
any of the features of the property which it depicts.

The highest bidder shall make a deposit in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) or One
Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), whichever is higher, along with a 10% buyer’s premium, subject
to a minimum buyer’s premium of $100.00, added to the final bid on the day of the auction (the
“Auction Funds”). All payments must be made in the form of personal check, cashier’s check or
money order. No cash will be accepted. Deposits shall not exceed Twenty Thousand Dollars
($20,000) per parcel. Bids which are less than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) shall be paid in
full at the time of the auction. The Auction Funds will be held by the Special Commissioner and
credited towards the purchase price following confirmation of the sale.

The balance of the purchase price must be deposited by the highest bidder within fifteen (15)
days of confirmation of the sale by the Court. Recording costs for deed recordation must be paid
by the highest bidder and are due with the balance of the purchase price.

The sale of property to the highest bidder is not contingent upon obtaining financing. Financing,
if needed, is the sole responsibility of the high bidder. By bidding, parties are entering into a
legally binding contract, waive all rescission rights, and understand that their bid is immediately
binding, irrevocable, and enforceable. Additionally, by bidding, parties are representing that they
have read, and agree to be bound by, all terms and conditions for this sale. Failure to complete
the property purchase will result in forfeiture of any funds paid and may subject the highest
bidder to additional damages, which may include expenses and any deficit upon resale.

To qualify as a purchaser at this auction you may not owe delinquent taxes to the City of
Danville. Questions concerning the bidding process should be directed to the Auctioneer by
email to or by phone to Charles Williams, at (276) 340-6441.
Questions concerning the property subject to sale should be directed to TACS online at, by email to, by phone to (804) 612-9041, or by writing to
the address below.

Re: City of Danville Judicial Sale Auction
Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC
P.O. Box 31800
Henrico, Virginia 23294-1800