On January 31, 2022, or as soon thereafter as may be effected, actions will be commenced under the authority of Virginia Code §58.1-3965, et seq., to begin proceedings to sell the following parcel of real estate for the payment of Fairfax County delinquent real estate taxes:

Property Owner(s) Account Numbers Property Description


5901 Mt Eagle Dr Apt 1214, LLC Tax Map No. 0833-31011214

Account No. 410173514

TACS No. 37088


Mt. Vernon District; 5901 Mount Eagle Drive, Unit 1214, Alexandria; Montebello Condo; Building 1; Phase 1
Hwa Young Bae

Sung R. Bae

Tax Map No. 0591-29010023

Account No. 410074836

TACS No. 36864


Providence District; 8300 Tobin Road, Unit 23, Annandale; Woodburn Village Condo; Unit 8300-23
Robert E. Barnes

Dale A. Barnes

Tax Map No. 1021-07070500

Account No. 410235076

TACS No. 574682


Mt. Vernon District; 7704 Schelhorn Road, Alexandria; Hybla Valley Farms; Lot 500; Block 7; 26,034 Square Feet, More or Less


Thomas C. Benson

Veronica S. Benson

Tax Map No. 1014-01-0004

Account No. 410233269

TACS No. 495572


Lee Transportation District; 8340 Richmond Highway, Alexandria; Part of Woodlawn; 14,418 Square Feet, More or Less


Raymond C. Charette, Jr.    Heirs, et al. Tax Map No. 1023-09B-0013

Account No. 410237822

TACS No. 92031


Mt. Vernon District; 2308 William and Mary Drive, Alexandria; Kirk; Lot 13; Block B; Section 5; 16,626 Square Feet, More or Less


Suresh V. Doki

Madhavi Doki

Tax Map No. 0204-29-0148A

Account No. 409931406

TACS No. 92207


Dranesville District; 1013 Founders Ridge Lane, McLean; Garfield Park; Lot 148-A; Section 4; 43,928 Square Feet, More or Less


Richard H. Evans

Patricia Ann Evans

Tax Map No. 0712-07-0023

Account No. 410122973

TACS No. 48290


Mason District; 6829 Cherry Lane, Annandale; McAdams Addition to Hillbrook; Lot 23; Section 3; 0.513 Acre, More or Less


GMS Sunset, LLC Tax Map No. 0173-09-0012

Account No. 409923348

TACS No. 95483


Dranesville Transportation District; Town of Herndon; 276 Sunset Park Drive, Suite 12, Herndon; Sunset Business Condo, Unit 12


Alexa A. Kennedy Tax Map No. 0451-03630017

Account No. 410008239

TACS No. 49482


Springfield District; 13128 Penndale Lane, Fairfax; Greenbriar; Lot 17; Block 63; Section 17; 9,072 Square Feet, More or Less


Zahoor A. Khan

Husna B. Khan

Tax Map No. 0911-09-0115

Account No. 410193132

TACS No. 450124


Lee District; 6540 Gildar Street, Alexandria; Georgetown Woods; Lot 115; Section 3; 1,649 Square Feet, More or Less


Mehrnaz Lajevardi

Hamid J. Moghadas

Tax Map No. 1062-05-0057

Account No. 410240754

TACS No. 49530


Mt. Vernon District; 8704 Lorfax Drive, Lorton; Lorfax Heights; Lot 57; 21,915 Square Feet, More or Less
Richard Graham Lamp Tax Map No. 0924-01-0045

Account No. 410204725

TACS No. 495458


Lee Transportation District; Richmond Highway near Grand View Drive, Alexandria; Snake Hill; Vacant Land; 0.1848 Acre, More or Less


Kashif Malik Tax Map No. 0164-15020103

Account No. 409916503

TACS No. 92878


Dranesville District; Town of Herndon; 2109 Highcourt Lane, Unit 103, Herndon; Worldgate Condo; Phase 5
Edward C. Rish Heirs, et al. Tax Map No. 0783-16-0008

Account No. 410145121

TACS No. 364547


Springfield District; 6315 Falling Brook Drive, Burke; Summerday; Lot 8; 12,764 Square Feet, More or Less
Serenity3, LLC Tax Map No. 0813-56-A1

Account No. 410162145

TACS No. 495316


Lee District; Cobbs Road near Schebish Lane, Alexandria; Serenity 3 Subdivision; Outlot A1; Vacant Land; 11,325 Square Feet, More or Less


Nancy Farr Taylor Heirs, et al. Tax Map No. 0642-05-0006

Account No. 410093447

TACS No. 495055


Sully District; Compton Road, Centreville; Farr Property; Parcel 6; Vacant Land; 2.845 Acres, More or Less


Michael Wind Tax Map No. 0813-26-0019

Account No. 410161299

TACS No. 364597


Lee District; 6217 Cool Valley Court, Alexandria; Valleigh; Lot 19; 990 Square Feet, More or Less
WPH Investments, LLC Tax Map No. 0513-34-0001M

Account No. 410046711

TACS No. 136305


Mason Transportation District; 6400 M Seven Corners Place, Suite 1M, Falls Church; Seven Corners Professional Park Condos; Building 1


Property subject to delinquent real estate taxes may be redeemed by paying all accumulated taxes, penalties, interest, costs and fees. Payments should be made payable to Fairfax County and mailed to Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC at the address shown below. Interested bidders and inquiries regarding the above-listed property should be directed to TACS by telephone to (703) 880-1078 or (804) 545-2500, by email to, or by mail to:

John A. Rife, Esq.
Post Office Box 31800
Henrico, Virginia 23294-1800
Re: Fairfax County RE Taxes