On June 15, 2021, or as soon thereafter as may be effected, actions will be commenced under the authority of Virginia Code §58.1-3965, et seq., to begin proceedings to sell the following parcel of real estate for the payment of Fairfax County delinquent real estate taxes:


Property Owner(s) Account Numbers Property Description


Thomas Edsel Bailey

Susan R. Bailey


Tax Map No. 0293-10-0014

Account No. 409592099

TACS No. 494193


Hunter Mill District; Town of Vienna; 434 Old Court House Road NE, Vienna; Westbriar Country Club Estates; Lot 14; Section 2; 12,991 Square Feet, More or Less


Richard G. Collins Tax Map No. 0102-03-0193

Account No. 409531867

TACS No. 452948


Dranesville District; 12821 Longleaf Lane, Herndon; Hiddenbrook; Lot 193; Section 3; 10,547 Square Feet, More or Less
James M. Doyle Heirs Tax Map No. 0662-01-0031A

Account No. 409737960

TACS No. 364450


Springfield District; Colchester Road, Near Rochester Drive, Fairfax; Part Hope Park; 50 Foot Outlet Road; Vacant Land; 1.547 Acres, More or Less


Mark E. Garrison


Tax Map No. 0504-06-0249

Account No. 409678682

TACS No. 136280


Providence District; 6706 James Lee Street #249, Falls Church; James Lee Condos; Apartment 249; Phase 2
Mary Ann Ghadban, Trustee Tax Map No. 0671-01-0069

Account No. 409738897

TACS No. 495084


Springfield District; Near Rochester Drive and Minoso Drive, Fairfax; Part Hope Park; Vacant Land; 3.75 Acres, More or Less
Luther S. Harris, Trustee Tax Map No. 1021-03010012

Account No. 409869937

TACS No. 92497


Mt. Vernon District; 2909 Dunbar Street, Alexandria; Thornrose; Lot 12; Part Lot 11; Block 1; Section 1; 9,499 Square Feet, More or Less


Pauline L. Harvey Tax Map No. 0671-01-0068

Account No. 409738896

TACS No. 495085


Springfield District; Near Rochester Drive and Minoso Drive, Fairfax; Part Hope Park; Vacant Land; 2.33 Acres, More or Less
Pauline Harvey Tax Map No. 0671-01-0070

Account No. 409738898

TACS No. 495085


Springfield District; Minoso Drive, Fairfax; Part Hope Park; Vacant Land; 2 Acres, More or Less
Frances F. Kelly Tax Map No. 0712-16-0092

Account No. 409758249

TACS No. 135426


Mason District; 4201 Sleepy Hollow Road, Annandale; Sleepy Hollow Run; Lot 92; Section 2; 13,773 Square Feet, More or Less
Faisal T. Khan Tax Map No. 0131-01-0036B

Account No. 409544124

TACS No. 526054


Dranesville District; 9709 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls; Donald E. Gibbons Property; Parcel A1; 0.9235 Acre, More or Less
Daniel A. Pratchenko Tax Map No. 0702-14014317G

Account No. 409751772

TACS No. 36962


Braddock District; 4317 Americana Drive #201, Annandale; Fairfax Heritage Condo; Phase 1; Unit 4317G
Robert Allyn Simmons

Raymonde L. Simmons

Tax Map No. 0304-17-0052

Account No. 409601599

TACS No. 573506


Dranesville District; 6815 Dillon Avenue, McLean; McLean Manor; Lot 52; Section 1; 10,543 Square Feet, More or Less


Property subject to delinquent real estate taxes may be redeemed by paying all accumulated taxes, penalties, interest, costs and fees. Payments should be made payable to Fairfax County and mailed to Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC at the address shown below. Interested bidders and inquiries regarding the above-listed property should be directed to TACS by telephone to (703) 880-1078 or (804) 545-2500, by email to, or by mail to:

John A. Rife, Esq.

Re: Fairfax County RE Taxes


Post Office Box 31800

Henrico, Virginia 23294-1800