Pursuant to Virginia Code §58.1-3975, the following real property will be auctioned for sale to the highest bidder at a timed, online-only, public auction which will commence Friday, May 13, 2022 at 11:00am EST and close Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 11:00am EST. The sale of such property is subject to the terms and conditions below and any such terms and conditions which may be subsequently posted by For Sale at Auction, Inc. (“Auctioneer”) and/or Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC (“TACS”). Announcements made on the day of the auction take precedence over any prior written or verbal terms of sale.

You can visit the auctioneer’s website here:

No. Property Owner(s)


Account Nos. Description
N1. 9220 Old Burke Lake, LLC


Tax Map No. 0782-26-A

Account No. 410143599

TACS No. 495246


Braddock District; Vacant Land; Old Burke Lake Road, Burke; Old Burke Lake Preserve; Lot A; 9,111 Square Feet, More or Less



N2. Bahman Batmanghelidj, et al.


Tax Map No. 0251-01-0039

Account No. 409935067

TACS No. 91848


Dranesville Transportation District; Vacant Land; 2473 Centreville Road, Herndon; Floris; 7,275 Square Feet, More or Less


N3. Howard Brock, Jr., Trustee, et al.

and John J. Donahue, Trustee

Tax Map No. 0411-01-0017

Account No. 410001351

TACS No. 296954


Dranesville District; Vacant Land; Rhode Island Avenue, McLean; Franklin Park; 1.5 Acres, More or Less
N4. Chadsworth Homes, Inc.



Tax Map No. 0204-13-B1

Account No. 409931088

TACS No. 363908



Dranesville District; Vacant Land; Byrnwood Court, McLean; Meadow Run; Outlot B; 1,094 Square Feet, More or Less



N5. Stanley D. Cox, et al.


Tax Map No. 0801-0209-A

Account No. 410153725

TACS No. 574408


Braddock District; Vacant Land; Easton Drive, Springfield; North Springfield; Outlot A; Block 9; 28,362 Square Feet, More or Less



N6. Basher Z. El Nammari, et al. Tax Map No. 0303-02-0143A

Account No. 409964220

TACS No. 135883


Providence District; Vacant Land; Near LaSalle Avenue, McLean; Hunting Ridge; Lot 143; 1,725 Square Feet, More or Less
N7. Hermen Greenberg, Trustee, et al. and Morton Funger, Trustee



Tax Map No. 0604-22-A

Account No. 410083654

TACS No. 36889



Mason District; Vacant Land; Whispering Lane, Annandale; Sleepy Hollow Run; Outlot A; Lot 1; Section 1; 1,953 Square Feet, More or Less





N8. Bruce C. Gunnell, et al.



Tax Map No. 0823-0205-A

Account No. 410166876

TACS No. 49376



Lee District; Vacant Land; Bush Hill Drive, Alexandria; Bush Hill Woods; Outlot A; Block 5; Section 5; 180 Square Feet, More or Less



N9A. Landamerica Property Corporation, Inc. Tax Map No. 0913-01-0091A

Account No. 410198277

TACS No. 652636

Lee District; Vacant Land; Manchester Boulevard, Alexandria; Vacation of Part of Hayfield Road; 3,761 Square Feet, More or Less


N9B. Silver Lake, Inc. Tax Map No. 0913-01-0091B

Account No. 410198278

TACS No. 297842


Lee District; Vacant Land; Manchester Boulevard, Alexandria; Vacation of Part of Hayfield Road; 2,345 Square Feet, More or Less


N10. Metric Apartment Company Investment Trust, Inc. Tax Map No. 0174-01-0001D

Account No. 409924387

TACS No. 135653


Hunter Mill Transportation District; Vacant Land; Vacation of Part of Lakeside Avenue; 0.086 Acre, More or Less
N11. Robert H. Quander Estate, et al. Tax Map No. 0833-01-0026C

Account No. 410171591

TACS No. 495353


Mt. Vernon District; Vacant Land; Quander Road, Alexandria; R.H. Quander Estate; Outlot A; 5,515 Square Feet, More or Less


N12. Isabelo H. Sanchez, Jr., et al.



Tax Map No. 0813-22-0950

Account No. 410161170

TACS No. 93365



Lee District; Vacant Land; Near Franconia Forest Lane, Alexandria; Franconia Forest; Outlot 950; Section 1; 2,076 Square Feet, More or Less



N13. Lena Sewell Staple Heirs, et al.



Tax Map No. 0501-01-0059

Account No. 410039192

TACS No. 494812



Providence District; Vacant Land; Near Poplar Drive, Falls Church; Poplar Heights; 13,550 Square Feet, More or Less



N14. Sully Limited Partnership


Tax Map No. 0443-04-0048

Account No. 410005794

TACS No. 58469


Sully District; Vacant Land; Stonecroft Boulevard, Centreville; Sully Station; Outlot 48; Section 15A; 18,358 Square Feet, More or Less



N15. TSB, Inc. Tax Map No. 0184-01-0021

Account No. 409927618

TACS No. 36583


Hunter Mill District; Vacant Land; Crowell Road, Vienna; Difficult Run; 20,847 Square Feet, More or Less

TERMS OF SALE: All interested parties must register and be approved by the Auctioneer. Registration and bidding are free of charge and are done through the Auctioneer’s website at If any interested bidders wish to bid on property, but do not have access to the internet, please contact the Auctioneer at (540) 899-1776 for assistance. Please be advised that in order to qualify as a purchaser at this auction, you may not owe delinquent taxes to Fairfax County and you may not be a Defendant in any delinquent tax suit.

Properties are offered for sale as-is, where is, with all faults and without any warranty, either expressed or implied. Persons are encouraged to make a visual inspection of the property within the limits of the law and to obtain an independent title search prior to bidding on any of the properties. Bidders are strongly encouraged to make their own inspection to determine the suitableness of the property and it is assumed that all bidders will perform due diligence prior to the day of the auction. Any costs incurred by the bidder to inspect the property are at the expense of the bidder and are non-refundable. It is not guaranteed that the property has a right-of-way or that it is not landlocked. Property is sold in gross and not by the acre. The information shown on the Fairfax County GIS and iCare systems, including maps, is derived from public records that are constantly undergoing change and do not replace a site survey or inspection. There is no warranty as to the accuracy of the Fairfax County GIS and iCare systems, nor is the information contained therein a legal representation of any of the features of the property which it depicts. Any unsold property will be offered for sale again at the next auction, whenever that may be.

The highest bidder will receive their purchase contract and balance due via email within five (5) hours following the close of the auction. The contract shall immediately be executed and returned to TACS electronically. Properties are conveyed by Special Warranty Deed, subject to any easements, covenants, agreements, restrictions, reservations, and any and all rights of record which may affect the property. Property will be conveyed free and clear of all liens, including the tax lien. Subsequent taxes will be prorated from the time of contract (the auction closing date of May 31, 2022) and the highest bidder will be responsible for taxes from that date forward.

There will be a buyer’s premium of 10% or $150.00, whichever is greater, added to the winning bid, and deed recordation costs, as determined by the Fairfax County Circuit Court, added to the winning bid to determine the final contract price. Please consider the buyer’s premium and recordation costs when placing bids. The final contract price must be received in full within five (5) business days following the auction closing (no later than June 7, 2022 at 11:00am EST). Time is of the essence. All payments must be made in the form of a personal check, cashier’s check, money order or wire transfer. Wire transfers are preferred. Cash will not be accepted. Checks and money orders shall be made payable to Fairfax County and forwarded to TACS, at the address shown below. Wire transfer instructions will be provided to the highest bidder upon request to Cat Bertram at Fairfax County has the right to reject any bids determined to be unreasonable in relation to estimated value of the property.

The sale of property to the highest bidder is not contingent upon obtaining financing. Financing, if needed, is the sole responsibility of the high bidder. By bidding, parties are entering into a legally binding contract, waive all rescission rights, and understand that their bid is immediately binding, irrevocable, and enforceable. Additionally, by bidding, parties are representing that they have read, and agree to be bound by, all terms and conditions for this sale. Failure to complete the property purchase will result in forfeiture of any funds paid and may subject the highest bidder to additional damages, which may include expenses and any deficit of resale.

Questions concerning the registration and bidding process should be directed to the Auctioneer online at or by phone to (540) 899-1776. Questions concerning the property subject to sale should be directed to TACS online at, by email to or, by phone to (804) 545-2500 or (804) 545-2377, or by writing to the address below.

John A. Rife, Esq.
Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC
Re: Fairfax County NJS Auction
P.O. Box 31800
Henrico, Virginia 23294-1800