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On August 24, 2023, or as soon thereafter as may be effected, actions will be commenced under the authority of Virginia Code §58.1-3965, et seq., to begin proceedings to sell the following parcels of real estate for the payment of Halifax County delinquent real estate taxes:

Property Owner(s) PRN No. TACS No.
Brandon, Alberta 7497 451984
Borns, Joseph 7191 493813
Brooks, James Junior & Lisa C. 7700 451987
Cheek, Jasper Keith & Others 8973 453613
Edmonds, William H. 30111 451666
Gordon, Crystal L. 20858 451803
Harrison, Sherdina Mae V.; Houston Barry Venable & Tony A. Venable 25005 453900
Morton, William L., II & Crystal Monique 32597 453200
Phipps, Edward R., Sr. & Wanda S. 31861 453164
Younger, Kevin; Johnnie, Jr. & Spyros A. 27262 453941

Properties subject to delinquent real estate taxes may be redeemed by paying all accumulated taxes, penalties, interest, costs and fees.  Payments should be made payable to Halifax County and mailed to Taxing Authority Consulting Services PC, Post Office Box 31800, Henrico, Virginia, 23294.  Interested bidders and inquiries regarding the above-listed properties should be directed to TACS at (804) 545-2500, taxsales@taxva.com or www.taxva.com or by mail to:

John A. Rife, Esq.
Re: Halifax County Delinquent RE Taxes
Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC
Post Office Box 31800
Henrico, Virginia 23294