On September 15, 2023, or as soon thereafter as may be effected, actions will be commenced under the authority of Virginia Code §58.1-3965, et seq., to begin proceedings to sell the following parcel of real estate for the payment of King William County delinquent real estate taxes:

Name Tax Map No. TACS No.
Atlantic Earth Works 69A2-1-14-1534 804700
Atlantic Earth Works 69A2-1-14-1545 804700
Atlantic Earth Works 69A2-1-16-1516 804700
Atlantic Earth Works 69A2-1-21-1870 804700
Atlantic Earthworks Inc 63A4-6-4-12 804700
Atlantic Earthworks Inc 63A4-6-4-12 804700
Constance W. Costa 69A3-1-28-1759 707019
Corey L. Cosby 11-34B 879579
Daisy A. Warner 25-20 879559
David Bluford, Jr. 48-10C 880099
David E. Bluford 69A3-65-927 880099
David E. Bluford, Jr. 47-77A 880099
Deloris C. Latney 26-26A 707087
Deloris S. Latney 26-19B 707035
Dewayne A. Holmes 11-51B 879581
Donald S. & Deborah A. Walters, Sr. 69A3-1-09-1626 880089
Elsie M. Washington 21-40G 707037
Estate of Preston Adolphus Clark 29-29A 879573
Eugene M. Washington II 35-23A 707038
Eugene M. Washington II 35-25 707038
Frances A. Thornton 69A1-62-867 880095
Grayson Billups 69A1-62-868 927132
Head Hunters LLC 45-28 707098
Hunter Williams 6-1-9 879562
Jacquelyn G. Washington 44-48 803542
James R. Parr 22-7-16 707160
Janet Trueheart Royal 18-58A 706990
Jeremiah J. Conti 63A7-10-27 880085
John W. King, et al 27-3 707088
Jonathan M. Previs 46-25B 880098
Katherine A. Jackson 12-17 879568
Mary Carter 45-2 879577
Norma G. Hill 6-43C 879575
Penny B. Champ 31-16C 707163
Percell Curtis Lurry Estate 15-2E 879563
Randy Tunkett 27A1-13 879578
Ronald A. Gilbert, Jr. 62-31 707002
Rose Ann Nale 63A4-6-6-1
Sarita R. Dungee Holmes 54-72B 880103
Stella Colarusso 63A9-6-4A 880093
Stewart Holmes 6-22 927133
Syndey A. Sprenkle 49-A-4 880104
Verna Archer 30-A-1-4 803553
Wade C. Bowler 20-7 707143
William H. Wilkinson, et al. 18-1-5 879570
Zachary T. Hogge 63A3-6-1 943258
Zachary T. Hogge 63A3-6-2 943258

Properties subject to delinquent real estate taxes may be redeemed by paying all accumulated taxes, penalties, interest, costs and fees.  Payments should be made payable to County of King William and mailed to Taxing Authority Consulting Services PC, Post Office Box 31800, Henrico, Virginia, 23294-1800.  Interested bidders and inquiries regarding the above-listed property should be directed to TACS at (804) 545-2500, or or by mail to:

John A. Rife, Esq.
Re: King William County Delinquent RE Taxes
Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC
Post Office Box 31800
Henrico, VA 23294-1800