On April 20, 2023, or as soon thereafter as may be effected, actions will be commenced under the authority of Virginia Code §58.1-3965, et seq., to begin proceedings to sell the following parcels of real estate for the payment of Prince William County delinquent real estate taxes:

Tax Payor GPIN TACS No.
Dora R. Popel Gebo, Estate 8189-28-5003 845861
Stonewall Manor LLC 8288-43-6384 845868
Stonewall Manor LLC 8288-44-8312 845868
Elwin Company Inc. 8390-00-1805 845835
Elwin Company Inc., Edward R. Parker 8390-56-7965 845835
2706 Youngs Drive Project LLC 7101-91-8478 845885
2706 Youngs Drive Project LLC 7101-91-8069 845885
Elizabeth A. Hollingsworth TR 7196-86-3577 845837
Emily R. Lewis, Mathew P. Green Jr. Trustee & Gerald A. Mosseller & Carolyn C. Mosseller 7696-58-0119 845847
Interstate 66 Industrial Park Condo Assoc c/o Key Properties 7697-65-3392 845804
John A. Laird & George H. Ackerman & John E. Gulman Trs 7597-89-7253 845871
Konstaintine S. Gianoplus c/o H. Doundoulakis 7696-86-4142 845904
Konstaintine S. Gianoplus c/o H. Doundoulakis 7696-77-1848 845904
Madison Property Co #2 8392-96-1680 845924
Savannah Drive Joint Venture c/o Sunshine Homes 8192-00-8110 845825
Foxridge Properties 7893-74-4606 878084

Properties subject to delinquent real estate taxes may be redeemed by paying all accumulated taxes, penalties, interest, costs and fees.  Payments should be made payable to County of Prince William and mailed to Taxing Authority Consulting Services PC, Post Office Box 31800, Henrico, Virginia, 23294-1800.  Interested bidders and inquiries regarding the above-listed properties should be directed to TACS at (804) 545-2500, or or by mail to:

Jeffrey A. Scharf, Esq.
Re: Prince William County Delinquent RE Taxes
Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC
Post Office Box 31800
Henrico, VA 23294-1800