On September 10, 2020, or as soon thereafter as may be effected, actions will be commenced under the authority of Virginia Code §58.1-3965, et seq., to begin proceedings to sell the following parcels of real estate for the payment of Town of Louisa delinquent real estate taxes:


Property Owner(s) Tax Map No. Account No. TACS No.
Bank MidFirst 40-147 154 639798
Brooks, Yvonne Willis 40A1-1-13 5254 469056
Bucker, Sr., Joseph R. and Joann B. 40-154 2129 38116
Dameron Investments, LLC and Ronald Dameron, Jr. 40A1-8-B 4167 320821
Energy Marketing Corporation 40-229 5171 469063
Fortune, Brenda Hill and Hill, Gloria C. 40A1-1-19 7562 469074
Harry, Jr., Richard T. 40A1-1-60 5978 639804
JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association 40A1-2-A-45 6703 469073
LMC Corporation 40A1-2-A-42 12772 24733
Lu, Yugui Peter and Yuqin Mary 40A2-9-9 12063 24947
Smithwick, Shirley Annette 40-233 2331 469064
VSHI, LLC 41C-7-A 22939 62603
VSHI, LLC 41C-7-B 24404 62603
Walker, Dorothy A. 40A1-4-5 2472 469055
Washington, Anita Dorcas 40A1-1-32A 715 24998
Wells Fargo Bank, NA 40G-1-144 28228 469071


Properties subject to delinquent real estate taxes may be redeemed by paying all accumulated taxes, penalties, interest, costs and fees. Payments should be made payable to the Town of Louisa and mailed to Taxing Authority Consulting Services PC, Post Office Box 31800, Henrico, Virginia, 23294-1800. Interested bidders and inquiries regarding the above-listed properties should be directed to TACS at (804) 980-7161,, or by mail to:

John A. Rife, Esquire
Andrew M. Neville, Esq.
Re: Louisa Delinquent RE Taxes
Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC
P.O. Box 31800
Henrico, Virginia 23294-1800