I'm Delinquent on Real Estate Taxes - Will You Sell My Property? - TACS

Receiving your delinquency notice is the first notification that you have that your real property is being subjected to the judicial sale process.  Once a parcel has been turned over for delinquent taxes, all taxes, penalties, interest, costs and fees must be paid to redeem the property from the sale process.  Understand that this notice is very important and requires the recipients immediate attention.

As the process moves forward, additional actions are required to undergo the judicial process.  These actions may require additional services such as title work or service of process fees.  All costs incurred in the process are added to the delinquent property and must be paid prior to redeeming the property.  For this reason, the faster a taxpayer acts to redeem the property, the more will be saved in judicial costs and processing fees.

If you have received a notice, a representative of TACS will be pleased to discuss payment options and the overall process with you.  We may be reached at 804-545-2500 or questions@taxva.com.