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Real Estate Tax FAQ’s

Can I enter into a payment plan?

Yes.  We require a down payment to initiate a payment plan.  The sooner you begin paying, the sooner you will have it paid off.  Payment plans are serious, however, and under Virginia Code §58.1-3965, if you default on a payment plan, you cannot enter into another...

How Can I Keep My Property From Being Sold

In order to redeem your property (and stop the tax sale process), you must either pay your account in full or make a Promissory Note payment plan agreement. Payment agreements are not available in all cases or for all localities. An active Promissory Note agreement,...

What am I Expected to Pay on the Auction Day?

Terms of sale vary, so review the advertisement, the bid package on the day of the auction, or ask one of the TACS staff about the terms.  Announcements will be made at the beginning of each auction to provide the terms of sale and answer any questions about the...

How do I get address information for properties being sold?

Often delinquent tax parcels are unaddressed parcels that are not located on a public road or do not have an assigned address. In such cases, most localities have an online Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows the real estate to be looked up online.  NOTE...

How Long Does the Tax Sale Process Take ?

In general, the tax sale process takes approximately one year from referral of the account to removal from the Court’s docket. The length of time between referral of the account and sale of the property is dependant on many factors and cannot be determined in advance...

How long will it take to sell my property?

Typically the litigation process will take 6-9 months.  If you were denied a payment plan or defaulted on a plan, you may redeem the property at anytime prior to the auction date by paying in all accumulated tax, penalties, interest, fees and costs of the...

What makes a property eligible for litigation or sale?

Various factors are considered for each client related to which accounts are moved into litigation or the tax sale process.  If you have received a letter discussing selling your real estate from our office, your account will likely be moving into litigation for tax...

Tax Auctions – Bidding on Property

How do I qualify as a bidder at the auction? To qualify as a bidder at the auction, you may not owe delinquent taxes to the local taxing jurisdiction. Additionally, you may not be a Defendant in any delinquent tax suit filed by the local taxing jurisdiction.  If...

Tax Auctions – I’ve Won….Now What?

If I purchase property at an auction and later become dissatisfied with the property, can I cancel my bid and get a refund of the deposit or purchase price? Once the sale is confirmed by the Court, you become the legal owner of the property and the funds paid are not...

Tax Auctions – Notifications and Locations

Tax auctions are advertised in a newspaper of general circulation in the taxing jurisdiction. TACS also maintains an interested bidders list to receive email notifications of upcoming auctions.  If you are interested in signing up as an interested bidder, click the...

Tax Auctions – Post-Auction Matters

What type of ownership document is issued at the auction? A receipt evidencing your bid amount and your deposit amount will be provided the day of the auction. Upon the Court’s confirmation of the sale, you will be notified of the remaining amount due for your bid, if...

What is the Auction Like?

Real estate tax auctions are fun.  Many can be intimidated their first time participating in an auction, but the concept is simple….If you want to buy the property, raise your hand and keep raising if you are outbid.  If you are the last person to bid, then you...

Why are you selling my property?

We don’t want to sell any property, rather we prefer to collect the account voluntarily.  Litigation is expensive for the taxpayer and costly to the locality.  If you cannot afford to pay the taxes all at once, please consider entering into a payment plan to avoid...

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