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Pursuant to Virginia Code §58.1-3975, the following real property will be auctioned for sale to the highest bidder at an online only public auction, which will commence on Friday, May 12, 2023 and close on May 23, 2023 at 11:00am EST.

The sale of such property is subject to the terms and conditions below, and any terms or conditions which may be posted or announced For Sale At Auction, Inc. (“Auctioneer”) and Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC (“TACS”). Subsequent announcements take precedence over any prior written or verbal terms of sale.

You can visit the auctioneer’s website here:  For Sale At Auction, Inc.



Property Owner(s) Account Nos. Description
N1 Atlantic Rural Exposition, Inc. GPIN No. 843-711-6508

Account No. 109398

TACS No.  602938

Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 0.34 acres, more or less; PAR A & B; E Williamsburg Rd; unimproved
N2 Baldwin Acquisition Co LLC GPIN No. 817-727-5381

Account No. 97914

TACS No. 730673


Varina District; Bungalow City subdivision; PT 646 N 20FT; Evergreen Ave; unimproved
N3 William C Chewning GPIN No. 761-746-7380

Account No. 42998

TACS No. 470499


Tuckahoe District; Berkeley Park subdivision; Sec A, Block B, Lot 21 RES; 1813 Skipwith Rd, unimproved
N4 Edmond H. Clarke, et al GPIN No. 848-683-7260

Account No. 109818

TACS No. 323620


Varina District; Acreage subdivision; Willis Church Rd; 1 acre, more or less; unimproved
N5 Community Housing SOL GPIN No. 805-725-3984

Account No. 86777

TACS No.  602931


Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 0.15 acres, more or less, 3083 Creighton Rd; unimproved
N6 Kimberly K. Davis GPIN No. 772-756-3818

Account No. 58649

TACS No. 513176


Brookland District; Brookland Gardens Addn; Block 10, Lot 25; 8630 Ackley Ave; unimproved
N7 Dominion Land Investments LLC. GPIN No. 793-775-7806

Account No. 113966

TACS No.  498031

Three Chopt District; Ketterley at Grey Oaks subdivision; Sec 2, Block A; Grey Oaks Park Rd; unimproved
N8 Dominion Land Investments LLC. GPIN No. 740-775-5340

Account No. 12899

TACS No.  498031

Three Chopt District; Edgemoor subdivision; Sec A, Block A; LT RES FUT DEV; Circus Farm Rd; unimproved
N9 Dominion Land Investments LLC. GPIN No. 740-770-4879

Account No. 112486

TACS No.  498031

Three Chopt District; Mason Park subdivision; Sec 4, Block A; Drystack Ln; unimproved
N10 Dominion Land Investments LLC. GPIN No. 740-775-5133

Account No. 12897

TACS No.  498031

Three Chopt District; Edgemoor subdivision; Sec B, Block A; Circus Farm Rd; unimproved
N11 Dominion Land Investments LLC. GPIN No. 740-775-0707

Account No. 12879

TACS No.  498031

Three Chopt District; Edgemoor subdivision; Sec B, Block B; LT RES PVT RD; Circus Farm Rd; unimproved
N12 Dominion Land & Dev Partnership GPIN No. 760-767-2695

Account No. 42312

TACS No.  739275

Brookland District; Acreage subdivision; 0.0948 acres, more or less; Kimberwick Dr; unimproved
N13 Pearl V. Fidler GPIN No. 780-767-1629

Account No. 68119

TACS No.  496775

Fairfield District; Greenwood Heights subdivision; Block C, Lot 31,32; 10624 Broad Ave; unimproved
N14 Josephine Forsyth GPIN No. 826-700-2018

Account No. 524252

TACS No.  470528

Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 1.022 acres, more or less; Britton Rd; unimproved
N15 Archie & Susie Garnett GPIN No. 805-725-3981

Account No. 86776

TACS No.  493830

Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 0.179 acres, more or less; 3081 Creighton Rd; unimproved
N16 Adele Granderson GPIN No. 792-737-8024

Account No. 76797

TACS No.  470822

Fairfield District; Providence Park Anx; Lot 43; 43 Loudon St; unimproved
N17 Sara Gregory GPIN No. 830-714-3933

Account No. 106566

TACS No.  602970

Varina District; Seven Pines Vla Sts; Sec 1, Block 6, Lots 12,13,14; 415 Piedmont Ave; unimproved
N18 William Hopkins GPIN No. 743-739-8927

Account No. 16416

TACS No.  563491

Tuckahoe District; Acreage subdivision; ADJ Woodward; 1.937 acres, more or less; 381 N Gaskins Rd; unimproved
N19 John Edwin Humphrey Est GPIN No. 815-725-8889

Account No. 96070

TACS No.  493831

Varina District; Federal Place subdivision; Lot 116 & 117; 5 Elliott St; unimproved
N20 John Edwin Humphrey Est GPIN No. 815-725-8693

Account No. 96068

TACS No.  493831

Varina District; Federal Place subdivision; Lot 118 & 119; 3 Elliott St; unimproved
N21 Fitch Ingalls GPIN No. 829-673-1085

Account No. 531879

TACS No.  493835

Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 0.204 acres, more or less; James St; unimproved
N22 Jinnett Development LLC GPIN No. 817-684-0140

Account No. 97040

TACS No.  657065

Varina District; Strath Woods subdivision; Sec A, Block A; LT RES FUT DEV; 2615 Moss Ct; unimproved
N23 Richard C. Johnson, et al. GPIN No. 792-740-8974

Account No. 76878

TACS No. 575493

Fairfield District; Confederate Heights subdivision; Block 5, Lot 5; 410 Grayson Ave; unimproved
N24 Mitchell Kambis GPIN No. 833-692-1087

Account No. 107382

TACS No. 597734

Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 1.657 acres, more or less; Yahley Mill Rd; unimproved
N25 Mitchell Kambis GPIN No. 831-691-5825

Account No. 106944

TACS No.  597734

Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 0.30 acres, more or less; 7671 Turner Rd; unimproved
N26 New Market LLC. GPIN No. 801-703-3282

Account No. 80925

TACS No.  408316

Varina District; New Market Place subdivision; Sec B, Bock A; LT RES FUT DEV; Wilderness Dr; unimproved
N27 Edward Thomas GPIN No. 816-728-8419

Account No. 96922

TACS No.  496772

Varina District; Bungalow City subdivision; Lots 259-260; 211 Liberty Ave; unimproved
N28 Edward Thomas GPIN No. 816-728-8514

Account No. 96924

TACS No.  580276

Varina District; Bungalow City subdivision; Lots 257-258; 209 Liberty Ave; unimproved
N29 Scandia Lake, Inc. GPIN No. 860-703-0599

Account No. 111699

TACS No. 657809

Varina District; Acreage subdivision; 0.174 acres, more or less; Swift Hill Ln; unimproved
N30 Henry W. Page GPIN No. 758-764-1207

Account No. 39025

TACS No. 340773

Brookland District; Acreage subdivision; N of Francistown Rd; .344 acres, more or less; PAR A; Fairlake Ln; unimproved

GENERAL TERMS OF SALE:  Henrico County has the right to reject any bids determined to be unreasonable in relation to estimated value of the Property. Any unsold property will be offered for sale again at the next auction, whenever that may be.

All interested parties must register and be approved by the Auctioneer. Registration and bidding are free of charge and are done through the Auctioneer’s website https://bid.forsaleatauction.biz/. If any interested bidders are unable to attend for in-person bidding and wish to bid on property, but do not have access to the internet, please contact For Sale At Auction, Inc., at (540) 899-1776 for assistance.

Properties are conveyed by Special Warranty Deed, subject to any easements, covenants, agreements, restrictions, reservations, and any and all rights of record which may affect the property. Properties are offered for sale as-is, where-is, and if-is, with all faults and without any warranty, either expressed or implied. Persons are encouraged to make a visual inspection of the property within the limits of the law and to obtain an independent title search, at their own expense, prior to bidding on any of the properties to determine the suitableness of the property for their purposes. It is not guaranteed that the property has a right-of-way or that it is not landlocked. Property is sold in gross and not by the acre. There is no warranty as to the accuracy of the GIS system, nor is the information contained therein a legal representation of any of the features of the property which it depicts.

The sale of property to the highest bidder is not contingent upon obtaining financing. Financing, if needed, is the sole responsibility of the high bidder. By bidding, parties are entering into a legally binding contract, waive all rescission rights, and understand that their bid is immediately binding, irrevocable, and enforceable. Additionally, by bidding, parties are representing that they have read, and agree to be bound by, all terms and conditions for this sale. Failure to complete the property purchase will result in forfeiture of any funds paid and may subject the highest bidder to additional damages, which may include expenses and any deficit upon resale.

PAYMENT TERMS: The highest bidder shall pay the high bid in full, along with the buyer’s premium and deed recording costs, following the close of the auction. There will be a 10% buyer’s premium, subject to a minimum of $150, added to the winning bid.

The highest bidder will receive their purchase contract and balance due via email following the close of the auction. The contract shall immediately be executed and returned to TACS. The full balance due must be received within seven (7) days following the auction closing (no later than May 30, 2023). All payments must be made in the form of certified funds, cashier’s check, money order or wire transfer. Cash and personal checks will not be accepted. Checks and money orders shall be made payable to Henrico County and forwarded to TACS, at the address shown below. Wire transfer instructions will be provided to the highest bidder upon request.

To qualify as a purchaser at this auction you may not owe delinquent taxes to Henrico County. Questions concerning the registration and bidding process should be directed to the Auctioneer online at forsaleatauction.biz, by email to dan@forsaleatauction.biz or by phone to Dan Pegelow at (540) 899-1776. Questions concerning the property subject to sale should be directed to TACS online at www.taxva.com, by email to taxsales@taxva.com, by phone to 804-548-4424, or by writing to the address below.

Re: County of Henrico Non-Judicial Sale Auction
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