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Pursuant to the terms of those certain Decrees of Sale entered in the Circuit Court of County of Orange, the undersigned Special Commissioner will offer for sale at an online-only public auction the following described real estate. Pre-bidding is available now, and bidding will begin to close on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 11:00am EST or as soon thereafter as may be affected.

The sale of such property is subject to the terms and conditions below, and any terms or conditions which may be subsequently posted or announced by Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC (“TACS”). Subsequent posts or announcements take precedence over any prior written or verbal terms of sale.

For complete information please see the Information Packet

You can visit the website and register for the auction here: Auction Website

No. Property Owner(s) and Tax Map No. Account Nos. Property Description
1. All Square Custom Homes, LLC     012-A0-00-04-0037-0 REDEEMED Account No. 31648 TACS No. 831389 REDEEMED 3200 Lakeview Parkway, Locust Grove; Vacant Land; Lake of the Woods Subdivision; Section 4; Lot 37 REDEEMED
2. Reuben Brooks Estate, et al.          033-00-00-00-0021-0 Account No. 308497 TACS No. 716819 Taylor District; Near Black Walnut Run Road, Rhoadesville; Vacant Land; Faulconer Subdivision; Lot 21; 12.75 Acres, More or Less
3. William K. Greene, et al.                 054-00-00-00-0080-B Account No. 47322 TACS No. 831403 Barbour District; Near Wilson Lane, Gordonsville; Vacant Land; Terrill Subdivision; Lot 80B; 3.865 Acres, More or Less
4. Thornton Jackson Estate, et al.      018-00-00-00-0006-0 Account No. 306039 TACS No. 831414 Taylor District; Bushy Mountain Road, Culpeper; Vacant Land; Milton Subdivision; Lot 6; 9 Acres, More or Less
5. Bernice B. Moore, et al.                  042-00-00-00-0037-0 REDEEMED Account No. 309916 TACS No. 803034 REDEEMED Barbour District; Near Jacksontown Road, Somerset; Vacant Land; Jackson Subdivision; Lot 37; 5 Acres, More or Less REDEEMED
6. Bernice B. Moore, et al.                  056-00-00-00-0004-0


056-00-00-00-0006-0         REDEEMED


Account No. 309916 TACS No. 803034  REDEEMED Barbour District; Jackson Place, Somerset; Vacant Land; Jackson Subdivision; Lot 4; 12.71 Acres, More or Less

Barbour District; Near Jackson Place, Somerset; Vacant Land; Jackson Subdivision; Lot 6; 2 Acres, More or Less  REDEEMED

7. Mariah Moore Estate, et al.             009-00-00-00-0063-0   Account No. 53279 TACS No. 803018 Gordon District; Raccoon Ford Road, Burr Hill; Vacant Land; Johnson Subdivision; Lot 63; 2 Acres, More or Less  
8. Platinum Premier Properties, LLC  068-A3-01-54-0008-0 REDEEMED Account No. 315644 TACS No. 585785 REDEEMED 110 Cobb Street, Gordonsville; Coleman-Estes Corporation Subdivision; Lot F; 0.203 Acre, More or Less REDEEMED
9. John Randolph Estate, et al.           043-00-00-00-0064-0 Account No. 310038 TACS No. 831394 Spotswood District; Greenwood Road, Orange; Vacant Land; Cooper Subdivision; Lot 64; 2.25 Acres, More or Less
10. Damita C. Reaves, et al.                  012-A0-00-04-0006-0 REDEEMED Account No. 44995 TACS No. 831416 REDEEMED 3606 Lakeview Parkway, Locust Grove; Lake of the Woods Subdivision; Section 4; Lot 6 REDEEMED
11. Christian W. Weber, et al.               050-00-05-00-0012-0 REDEEMED Account No. 11770 TACS No. 831390 REDEEMED 12474 Orchard Street, Locust Grove; Carr Subdivision aka Apple Grove Subdivision; Lot 12; 3 Acres, More or Less REDEEMED
12. Kelly J. White, et al.                        012-A0-00-14-0038-0 REDEEMED Account No. 45368 TACS No. 803032 REDEEMED 218 Spotswood Road, Locust Grove; Lake of the Woods Subdivision; Section 14; Lot 38 REDEEMED

GENERAL TERMS OF SALE:  All sales are subject to confirmation by the Circuit Court of the County of Orange. The Special Commissioner has the right to reject any bids determined to be unreasonable in relation to the estimated value of the Property. Any unsold property will be offered for sale again at the next auction, whenever that may be.

Properties are conveyed by Special Warranty Deed, subject to any easements, covenants, agreements, restrictions, reservations, and any and all rights of record which may affect the property. Properties are offered for sale as-is, where-is, and if-is, with all faults and without any warranty, either expressed or implied. Persons are encouraged to make a visual inspection of the property within the limits of the law and to obtain an independent title search, at their own expense, prior to bidding on any of the properties to determine the suitableness of the property for their purposes. It is not guaranteed that the property has a right-of-way or that it is not landlocked. Property is sold in gross and not by the acre. There is no warranty as to the accuracy of any information contained in the Orange County GIS system or public information system, nor is the information contained therein a legal representation of any of the features of the property which it depicts. We do not provide and do not assist with obtaining title insurance or title to personal property.

All interested bidders must register and be approved by TACS to bid. Registration and bidding are free of charge and are done at If any interested bidders do not have access to the internet, please contact TACS by phone at (804) 548-4408 or by email at for assistance with creation of an account and placement of bids. Registered bidders may bid online at any time during which the auction is open. Bidders may enter a maximum bid amount and allow the system to bid in pre-set increments for them, or may manually enter each bid individually, at their preference.

The sale of property to the highest bidder is not contingent upon obtaining financing. Financing, if needed, is the sole responsibility of the high bidder. By bidding, parties are entering into a legally binding contract, waive all rescission rights, and understand that their bid is immediately binding, irrevocable, and enforceable. Additionally, by bidding, parties are representing that they have read, and agree to be bound by, all terms and conditions for this sale. Failure to complete the property purchase will result in forfeiture of any funds paid and may subject the highest bidder to additional damages, which may include expenses and any deficit upon resale of the property.

PAYMENT TERMS:  The highest bidder shall make a deposit in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) or One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), whichever is higher, along with a ten percent (10%) buyer’s premium, subject to a minimum of $150, added to the final bid. Bids which are less than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) shall be paid in full at the time of the auction. Deposits shall not exceed Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000) per parcel. Such sum shall be held by the Special Commissioner and credited towards the purchase price following confirmation of the sale. Subsequent taxes will be prorated from the auction date, and the highest bidder will be responsible for taxes from that date forward. The balance of the purchase price and recording costs for deed recordation shall be deposited by the highest bidder with the Special Commissioner within fifteen (15) days of confirmation of the sale by the Court. 

The highest bidder will receive their purchase contract and balance due via email following the close of the auction. Please allow up to twenty-four (24) hours for the same. The contract shall immediately be executed and returned to TACS. The deposit and buyer’s premium must be received no later than May 7, 2024. Cashier’s checks and money orders shall be made payable to Orange County and forwarded to TACS at the address shown below. Cash and personal checks will not be accepted. Wire transfers are preferred and instructions will be provided to the highest bidder upon email request to Cat Bertram at

Please be advised that in order to qualify as a purchaser at this auction, you may not owe delinquent taxes to Orange County and you may not be a Defendant in any pending delinquent tax matter. Questions should be directed to TACS online at, by email to, by phone to (804) 548-4408, by fax to (804) 545-2378, or by writing to the address below.

Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC
Attn: Orange County Tax Sale
P.O. Box 31800
Henrico, Virginia 23294-1800

**TACS is not responsible for internet connectivity issues, software functionality, bidding application, or system errors which could cause a bid to fail to be recognized. There is no recourse or remedy, implied or offered, to any online bidders in the event of any issues.**