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Pursuant to Virginia Code §58.1-3975, the following real property will be auctioned for sale to the highest bidder at public auction, which will commence at the Meeting Room outside of the Treasurer’s Office, located at 818 Happy Valley Drive, Clintwood, Virginia 24228 on April 18, 2023 at 1:00pm or soon thereafter as may be affected. The sale of such property is subject to the terms and conditions below, any conditions which may be subsequently posted by WM Auctions (“Auctioneer”) and Taxing Authority Consulting Services, PC (“TACS”), and any such terms and conditions which may be announced on the day of the auction. Announcements made on the day of the auction take precedence over any prior written or verbal terms of sale

For complete information (including terms, conditions and property listings), please see the Information Packet.

Property Owner(s) Tax Map No. TACS No. Property Description
N1 Clifford Rose 8572 226574 Big Ridge .57AC +/-; Sandlick Magisterial District
N2 WW Sifers 8119 366048 Russell Fork 8.5 AC +/-; Sandlick Magisterial District
N3 WW Sifers 8120 366048 McClure 4.83 AC +/-; Town of Haysi
N4 WW Sifers 11335 366048 Russell Fork 10AC +/-; Town of Haysi
N5 Brenda Leftwich Heirs 17441 226527 Trammel Lot 12; Ervinton Magisterial District
N6 Louisa Hall 9184 281436 Skaggs Br 1.1 AC +/-; Willis Magisterial District
N7 Lonzo Ashby 2031 396414 Big Spraggle 5AC +/-; Ervinton Magisterial District
N8 Lonzo Ashby 4176 396414 Ramsey Ridge 10 AC UND; Kenady Magisterial District
N9 Alfred Compton 6717 396395 Tildy Branch .50 AC +/-; Sandlick Magisterial District
N10 Alfred Compton 18246 396395 Tildy Branch .50 AC +/-; Sandlick Magisterial District
N11 Joseph Seth Fuller 15122 396495 Crooked Branch .46 AC; Sandlick Magisterial District
N12 Joseph Seth Fuller 7987 396495 Crooked Branch 1.54 AC +/-; Sandlick Magisterial District
N13 James D Thacker 8295 366058 Big Ridge 2.05 AC +/-; Sandlick Magisterial District
N14 Robert White 1908 366062 Long Branch .50 AC +/-; Clintwood Magisterial District
N15 Lora Turner, et al 8960 396503 Big Ridge 1.69 AC +/-; Sandlick Magisterial District
N16 Dessie Thomas 8310 366066 McClure River Lot #29; Town of Clinchco
N17 Dessie Thomas 8311 366066 Clinchco Lots # 22-23; Town of Clinchco
N18 Dessie Thomas 13391 366066 McClure River Lot 21; Town of Clinchco
N19 Dessie Thomas 4023 366066 McClure River 6 AC +/-; Town of Clinchco
N20 Valerie Michelle Mullins 13373 396506 Phillips Branch 0.34 AC +/-; Ervinton Magisterial District
N21 GT Hawkins 730 366016 Pine Creek 11 AC +/-; Clintwood Magisterial District
N22 M M Long 3600 507132 Bear Ridge 1AC +/-; Ervinton Magisterial District
N23 Janie Kilburn 7318 396444 Mill Creek Lots 6-7-8 &1/2 of 5; Town of Clinchco
N24 Milton Keel 7312 396442 Mill Creek Lots 21-22, 2/5 of Lot 5B; Town of Clinchco
N25 Joseph Lee 4957 396457 Coon Branch .7 AC +/-; Kenady Magisterial District
N26 S J Kiser 2759 396452 Sandy Ridge 40 Poles; Ervinton Magisterial District
N27 Billie McNeer 5077 396467 Open Fork .5AC +/-; Kenady Magisterial District
N28 S T Isom 4808 396437 Lick Fork .166 AC +/-; Kenady Magisterial District

GENERAL TERMS OF SALE:  The Treasurer has the right to reject any bids determined to be unreasonable in relation to estimated value of the Property. Properties are conveyed by Special Warranty Deed, subject to any easements, covenants, agreements, restrictions, reservations, and any and all rights of record which may affect the property. Properties are offered for sale as-is, where is, with all faults and without any warranty, either expressed or implied. Persons are encouraged to make a visual inspection of the property within the limits of the law and to obtain an independent title search, at their own expense, prior to bidding on any of the properties to determine the suitableness of the property for their purposes. It is not guaranteed that the property has a right-of-way or that it is not landlocked. Property is sold in gross and not by the acre. There is no warranty as to the accuracy of the GIS system, nor is the information contained therein a legal representation of any of the features of the property which it depicts.

The sale of property to the highest bidder is not contingent upon obtaining financing. Financing, if needed, is the sole responsibility of the high bidder.

By bidding, parties are entering into a legally binding contract, waive all rescission rights, and understand that their bid is immediately binding, irrevocable, and enforceable. Additionally, by bidding, parties are representing that they have read, and agree to be bound by, all terms and conditions for this sale. Failure to complete the property purchase will result in forfeiture of any funds paid and may subject the highest bidder to additional damages, which may include expenses and any deficit upon resale.

PAYMENT TERMS: The highest bidder shall remit payment in full at the time of the auction. There will be a 10% buyer’s premium or a $100 flat fee, whichever is greater, added to the final bid to determine final contract price. Recording costs for deed recordation will also be the responsibility of the successful bidder, due at the time of the auction. All payments must be made in the form of personal check, traveler’s check, cashier’s check, or money order. No cash will be accepted.

To qualify as a purchaser at this auction you may not owe delinquent taxes to Dickenson County. Questions concerning the registration and bidding process should be directed to the Auctioneer by email to wmauction@yahoo.com or by phone to Wayne Mefford, at 276-275-2906. Questions concerning the properties subject to sale should be directed to TACS online at www.taxva.com, by email to taxsales@taxva.com, by phone to 804-506-3102, or by writing to the address below.

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